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Results driven, energetic, detail-oriented Food Safety Professional with 30+ years experience in the food service industry. Natural leader with demonstrated strengths in implementing strategic and innovative solutions to complex challenges. Clear-thinking decision maker with strong interpersonal and communication skills. Exceptional organizational and management abilities and proven success in optimizing resources to maximize productivity. Self motivated and self managed team player.


  • Food Safety Laws
  • SQF 2000 Systems Implementation
  • FSMA PC for Human Foods QI certified
  • Food Safety/Security Rules
  • Best known Practices
  • Strategy Development
  • Planning/Implementation
  • Business Development
  • Education/Training
  • Public Speaking/Presentations
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Media Savvy
  • Business/Market Analysis
  • C-Level Interaction
  • Benchmarking
  • Internal Quality Audits
  • Resource Planning/Scheduling
  • Government Liaison
  • QA/Regulatory Compliance
  • Product and Technology R&D
  • Technical Integration
  • Work Place Diversity
  • Multicultural Relations


BLOOMIN’ BRANDS, INC. (2012-2016)

Global Manager, Regulatory Compliance (Food Safety)

Managed third-party food safety audits by providing ongoing guidance and enhanced support of audits.  Drove food safety message across all concepts in company.  Designed and shared monthly informative and training-focused bulletin highlighting largest opportunities for better food safety culture.  Provided guidance for imminent health hazard items requiring immediate attention and remedy.  Prepared for executive reviews. Shared valuable data and results with all concepts to enhance position in industry. Directed company’s food safety outreach programs, including timely training and certification for all food handlers and managers via accredited process.  Worked with R&D team on review and analysis of menu enhancements across all concepts.

  • Planned and coordinated program from inception, creating enhanced brand competitiveness.
  • Oversaw health department intelligence monitoring, reducing complaints and enforcement actions by local health departments.
  • Managed regulatory issues across all concepts related to local HD compliance strategies, reducing costs and simplifying processes.
  • Supported QA team for annual advisory council meeting, agenda, and speakers.
  • Revised “safe food” video training program for all food handlers based on current trends and regulatory language.
  • Prepared HACCP plans for regulatory agency approval process as well as implementation strategy of standard operating procedures for all concepts and international locations.


VP, Food Safety (Client) Consulting and Environmental Health – Charlotte, NC

Spearheaded Digital Health Department  (DHD) ® software application for clients. Managed the consulting, design, implementation and training for Public Health agencies during their custom software design process. Identified key essential functionality for smoother transition from paper-pen to PC-Software daily work processes.

Improved and developed sales and delivery of consulting and on-site training services. Provided procedure and business logic related responses to agencies during system design. Created training guidance documents and conducted onsite training for clients upon system design completion.

Facilitated and coordinated product enhancement. Worked with developers and project managers for Quality Assurance, troubleshooting and issue resolution process. Participated in the R&D strategy planning at the company level to enhance company products by working closely with CEO, CTO and Director of implementation. Worked closely with the Marketing Department and Sales team in acquiring new clients.

Directed the first product roadmap for private sector. Provided technical expertise with food code interpretations and practical applications for a new client resulting in additional revenue.


Program Manager, Food Inspection Program – Houston, TX

Managed a staff of 60 employees including field staff, first line supervisors and senior managers. Responsible for regulatory inspections at over 13,000 food service establishments in the fourth largest city in USA. Conducted over 45,000 regulatory inspections and investigated over 2,500 citizen complaints.

Initiated creative concepts using computers. Introduced Excel file for field staff while PC use was not very common. Eliminated wasted time and resources by removing manual logbooks with introducing a spreadsheet. Increased productivity and boosted morale while reducing the wear and tear on assigned vehicles and saving fuel cost.

Introduced hardware and software applications to enhance productivity.  Planned, designed, monitored and implemented a custom software application that allowed the field staff more productive output. Improved public awareness with real-time information exchange by using technology.

Strengthened media relations. Evaluated media concerns and needs to provide usable information for print, news and television reporters on a regular basis. Represented the department at various levels in educating the general public during crisis and events related to food safety and security.

Negotiated work challenges with industry stakeholders and political branches.  Advised Mayor’s Office, Council Member’s Office and others with program related issues and challenges for better relations. Worked closely with all industry stakeholders before implementing changes using illustrative and persuasive skills. Facilitated discussions prior to publishing on-line inspections results with the Mayor’s Office and stakeholders.

Initiated creation of Procedures Manual. Drafted, developed and formulated a Procedures Manual for the program staff improving consistency in daily work. Conceptualized and authored Hurricane Preparedness Guide for the division. This guide was also used as a draft document while creating a similar document for Conference for Food Protection (CFP) as a committee chair.


  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry / Biology – MS University, India
  • Professional Sanitarian (RS) – State of Texas – Present
  • CCFS (Certified Comprehensive Food Safety) – NEHA – Present
  • Proficient in PC/Mac and related applications, MS Office, Adobe, Publishing


  • National Environmental Health Association and Texas Environmental Health Association (Active member, Presenter at AEC (2006) regarding shelter operations during Katrina)
  • Conference for Food Protection (CFP) (Active member since 1998, Participated in numerous work groups and committees, Executive Board, Served as Council members, currently Council II Chair)
  • Educational Advisory Board (Food Safety Summit)
  • National Restaurant Association – Chair (Executive Work Group QA and Food Safety)
  • Communications and Marketing Director (Current, local church in Houston)
  • Served as an Ex-Officio Board Member – Greater Houston Restaurant Association (1993-2007)
  • Served as a Texas Food Safety Task Force member
  • Served as an advisor to Texas Retailers Association
  • Served as Board member and Secretary for India Culture Center Houston (1992-1994)

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