About Me

Who is Chirag H. Bhatt?

I hold a BS degree in both Biology and Chemistry.

More Recently:

While at Bloomin’ Brands (home of Outback, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill and Fleming’s), I managed regulatory compliance (food safety) for over 1,700 restaurants. Worked with OPS, R&D, Supply Chain teams to ensure that all restaurants were following proper food safety and sanitation guidelines to become the best in class.

I spent over 26 years with the City of Houston’s Food Safety Program and joined the team at Digital Health Department (Garrison Enterprises, Inc.) as the VP of Environmental Health Services & Client Consulting. My goals were to serve the Environmental Health community in setting standards and creating technical and political solutions to food safety inspections and other environmental health related issues.

While with Digital Health Department (Garrison Enterprises), my duties included:

  • Assisting new clients (public and private sector) with the implementation and consulting of technology.
  • Reviewing existing business rules, processes and methods to recommend better and more efficient standards.
  • Assisting developers and project management teams as needed with interpretations and Q&A.
  • Participating in company’s R&D discussions.
  • Creating and modifying training guides for clients, as well as providing new system training (on-site, telephone, web-based) as needed.
  • Private sector code interpretations and code mapping for better data retrieval.
  • Assisting Sales and Marketing teams at conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Guest speaker at numerous conferences and exhibition events. (Technology and Public Health, How to deal with Media, Free Technology available to Public Health Agencies, etc.)

While at Houston’s Health Department for a little over 26 years, I was program manager for more than 15 years before leaving. Because of my strong work ethics, loyalty and poise, I was often selected by management to assist with media-related follow-ups on citizen complaints.

Houston health department positions held included: field inspector, instructor in the food manager’s certification program, a specialized inspector and supervisor of the specialized food inspection section. As the program manager, managed a staff of 60 employees for my last 15 years with the City of Houston. I’ve also managed field inspectors, supervisors and administrative personnel. I’ve worked steadily to improve efficiency by creating a variety of tools and features to simplify document and paperwork completion. I was a chosen board member of the Houston Restaurant Association for 15 years.

I have been actively involved with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) for almost 2 decades. I have been committee member, council member (I and II) numerous times, and Council II Chair.

I reside in Houston, TX and have been since 1980. When I am not working, I would love to play golf. I am married and a proud dad of 2 kids.


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